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Attorney Effectiveness

Some attorneys are far more effective than others. Yes, you need an attorney who knows the Law, but that is seldom the decisive or sole matter in a contested case. In this post, we will look at some possible reasons that some attorneys provide superior service to clients.

How can you tell if an attorney is right for you? How can you tell if this attorney will add value to your case or save you time, money, and stress?

1) Results-oriented attitude

2) Positive outlook

3) Driven by purpose; believes in doing more than is expected

4) Large network

5) No entitlement

6) Familiar with stress management and practices it in his/her own life

7) Has a life outside court and outside the office; maintains perspective

8) Undivided attention, realizes importance of face-to-face contact, posture, and nonverbal cues

9) Strives to do right by everyone in a situation

10) Intrinsically interested in learning and growing

11) Realizes physical health affects attorney performance

12) Actively creates a nurturing culture for his practice and his support staff

13) Realistic assessment of past results

14) Ability to read people and situations

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