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State and Federal Civil Cases

Phillips Law Group litigates cases in the federal and state courts.  Presenting a case to a judge and jury is often needed to obtain the best result for a client. Douglas Phillips has represented clients in every courthouse in Central Maryland, in addition to Southern MD, Western MD, and the Eastern Shore.

Cases have included Federal and Maryland causes of action for hostile work environment, employment discrimination, wage theft, wrongful death, and serious injuries. Phillips also has an active landlord-tenant practice for both residential and commercial property. Phillips has also represented parents regarding the educational rights of their minor children.

Contracts, Property Law, and Employment Issues

Phillips Law Group handles cases involving business disputes and business property rights. Examples of cases are employment law, insurance coverage, real estate law, fraud and misrepresentation, breach of contract, intellectual property,  (copyrights and trademarks), and business reputational rights (defamation and interference with prospective advantage).

Douglas Phillips has negotiated successful settlements for clients on a range of issues involving both important civil rights, contract rights, policy changes, and monetary damages.

CDS to DUI to Assault I and II and Homicide

Phillips Law Group represents clients charged with crimes against the United States or the State of Maryland. Phillips has successfully defended against charges of weapons and ammunition possession, assault, assault against law enforcement, possession of controlled dangerous substances, reckless endangerment, and fleeing or resisting arrest. Phillips has also helped clients to have active warrants quashed, to have their sentences modified after trial, or to be released prior to trial.

PLG clients often avoid jail time and benefit from significant reductions in fees, court costs, probation costs, motor vehicle "points", and probation terms as a result of excellent representation. This includes our defense of DUI and DWI cases.

Without a plan, how can you ensure that your goals and wishes are respected in the future? Phillips Law Group develops estate plans and wills that ensure a seamless and manageable resolution. We can establish various trusts and create limited or durable powers of attorney. We reduce the tax burden on your beneficiaries through basic tax planning. And we identify ways to avoid the probate process.

PLG also administers estates and handles all paperwork for executors.

Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Trusts

County, State, and Federal Agencies

Phillips Law Group represents clients in front of licensing boards, school boards, professional review boards, and key administrative agencies such as EEOC, US Patent and Trademark Office, Maryland Association of Realtors, National Association of Realtors, MHIC, MTV, and MVA. We attend hearings, mediations, and settlement conferences.

Divorce, Custody, and Separation Agreements

Phillips Law Group presents your rights in a way that will help you move forward and avoid ongoing tensions. We prepare agreements, advise you of your rights, and represent you at hearings, settlement conferences, and trial if necessary.

Legal Rights of People Fleeing War and Persecution

Phillips Law Group represents clients with respect to their rights to remain in the United States or become United States citizens. Clients have come to Phillips Law Group from Afghanistan, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, and numerous Carribean Islands.

Mr. Phillips speaks Spanish and we have a paralegal who speaks native Spanish. We arrange interpreters when necessary.

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