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What Phillips Law Group provides to Defendants Charged with Crimes

  1.  Proven record of defending clients charged with felonies and misdemeanors. 

  2.  Demand and analyze the evidence provided by the State, looking at the case from legal, strategic, and constitutional viewpoints. We know how Criminal Procedure is supposed to work and we make sure the law is followed.

  3.  Negotiations with the State Attorney assigned to your case to determine all options. We will help you obtain dismissal of charges,  placement on stet docket, or Probation Before Judgment.

  4.  Prepare a defense strategy that takes into account the theories prosecutors will use, what a judge or jury needs to hear, and what a judge would consider at sentencing. (All of these are key parts of criminal procedure.)

  5.  Reliable and clear communication with clients. Life doesn't happen on a strict schedule and we are here for you as needed.

  6.  Secure pre-trial rights by filing a Habeas Corpus motion or attending bail review.

  7.  Secure post-trial rights by requesting modifications or probation terms or fees, where appropriate.

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Felony and Misdemeanor Charges

Phillips Law Group Defends clients charged with the following crimes:

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For more information you might find helpful, visit these links:


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Basics of Criminal Procedure


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